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Elia Giardini

Elia Giardini(Director from 1806 to 1825)

(Pavia 1753 - 1832)

From Pavia, he began as a teacher of grammar and rhetoric in smaller schools university. From 1796 to 1823 he was called to the Faculty of Law and in 1805 in Milan he took part of the Commission engaged in the translation into Latin of the Code Napoleon.

In 1800 he had a temporary contract with the Library of the Ghislieri College, and in 1806 he was appointed director of the Universitaria. It turns out, from subsequent reports, that he compiled a catalog in four volumes of the works treating ecclesiastical topic. He was also the author of textbooks of literature, of prayers and poems, and an affiliate of the Accademia degli Affidati of which he became prince in 1792.

After the widowhood he approached priesthood and in 1817 he was consecrated and immediately after appointed lieutenant of the general curia. He left the library in 1825 and until his death he dedicated to ecclesiastic assignments and local history studies.

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